olympic rings &

V for victory

classic star symbol

a mystery like

pyramid faces

every workday in

big apple boroughs

fingers of my hand

buy a starfish with

cents of a nickel

using every sense

tasting with my tongue

speaking only vowels

which slaughterhouse has

pillars of Islam?


fundamental forces pull matter
shifting it through states
like phases of moon
or seasons of year

the double helix language
constructs legs for creatures
the wings for dragonflies
the limbs for people

in this square room
walls are cardinal directions
legs for a table
wheels for a car

for years of university
learn elements of antiquity
bow violin strings while Continue reading


breathe in protons of helium
through nostrils into my lungs

my glasses on my eyes
my hands in mittens or gloves

my legs in my pants
my feet in my socks & in my shoes too

I eat with chopsticks
I fight with nun chucks

or cut you into halves
with my antlers

morse code enters my ears
into both hemispheres

angels & birds have wings
a gift of turtle doves to you

the couple is shopping for earrings Continue reading