quarks of protons
& primary colors
paint in trinities

my forehead eye
sees Cerberus guarding
visible space dimensions

the classic rule
of children’s stories
trilogies & wishes

the blind mice
the little pigs
& the musketeers

paper rock scissors
on my tricycle
traffic lights change

yardstick folds into
a triangle with
one foot sides


breathe in protons of helium
through nostrils into my lungs

my glasses on my eyes
my hands in mittens or gloves

my legs in my pants
my feet in my socks & in my shoes too

I eat with chopsticks
I fight with nun chucks

or cut you into halves
with my antlers

morse code enters my ears
into both hemispheres

angels & birds have wings
a gift of turtle doves to you

the couple is shopping for earrings
the duo is playing duets

the twins are riding a bike
the parents are flipping a coin

there are kidneys
there are breasts